Alumni Startups is a global private network of exclusively Bain staff and alumni interested in Startups.

It is not-for-profit and separate to Bain & Company. Here is how the Bain describe our relationship with them (with thanks to the Bain legal team):

“Alumni Startups, founded by a Bain alum, is a global network for Bain alumni working, investing and interested in startups.  While Bain recognises the role of Alumni Startups in connecting its alumni and wishes it every success, Bain is not directly associated with Alumni Startups.  Bain has not reviewed and does not endorse, promote or recommend any investment opportunities which may be described on Alumni Startups.”

The network was established in 2014 by a group of London-based Bain & Company alumni who recognised that there is a willingness amongst Bainies to work together to create great startups (and outstanding investment returns). We recognised that there is a virtuous cycle from working together:

Virtuous cycle

Of course this is not a new model; it is what incubators endeavour to do (for tech firms) and VCs do (for later stage companies).

This is your network – so please participate and let us know if there is anything we can do to improve. My email is contact@alumnistartups.com.

Greg Lavery


Bain 1998-2001 (Sydney and Stockholm)

Greg Lavery