Frequently Asked Questions

Because this is a peer networking group, access to the network and jobs is restricted to registered users. So please sign up on our Registration page (click the "Sign Up" button on the top right of this page).

Filling out your Profile will help you interact with other alumni – including those looking for your talents or to join you.

If you qualify as a High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investor you can self-certify which will enable you to see alumni startup investment opportunities. Self-certification is to be taken seriously as it has legal ramifications. You will see whether you qualify when you read the self-certification form.

If you are seeking to raise funds for your startup, we recommend that you do the following to attract the attention of Bainie investors:

  1. Complete your company profile so that investors can learn about your company (go to Network > Startups and click on the "Add a New Startup" button)
  2. Complete your personal profile (with photo and all information) so that potential investors can learn more about the Founder they are investing in (click on <your name> My Profile and hit the "Edit Profile" button)
  3. Fill out a pitch form. We notify self-certified High Net Worth and Sophisticated investors of new investment opportunities via email. To fill out a pitch form go to Funding > Submit a Pitch. The form contains all of the questions typically asked by investors and we therefore encourage you to complete these. You can also upload other documents and a video.
  4. In the Network > Alumni directory, use the filters to identify investors in your geography who are interested in investing in your sector. You can then approach them directly.
  5. In London and other city chapters of AlumniStartups there are pitch events where you have the chance to present to Bainie investors. Contact your local chapter lead if this is of interest.

Startups provide their profiles to find potential Investors and attract employees and mentors. You can filter by sector and location to find potential investments that fit your profile. If you find one you like then contact them directly.

Conversely, startups seeking funding will be looking for relevant Investors by reviewing Investor profiles – so make sure yours is complete. They will likely contact you directly.

High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors can also access funding pitches by Startups. To do this you will need to self-certify.

You can also interact directly with Startups at face-to-face pitch events.

When reviewing Startups and their pitches online please add comments and feedback – these are useful to the Startups and other Investors who may wish to co-invest. Harnessing the combined experience of the alumni group is an important feature of this closed network so please contribute.

The contact details for the Startups are included on their Pitches - so contact them directly if you are interested in investing.

We recommend that before posting a role you ensure that your company profile is complete – this is what readers will refer to for more information on your company.

Please fill out a Job profile for each role. These are able to be filtered by registered users who will contact you if they are interested.

If you are looking for interns, requests should go directly to your nearest Bain office where there is a process for placing current staff.

Please contact the company/individual who posted the role.

That is fine and your contribution is welcomed. We suggest that you register as a user and then build a Startup profile for your idea – filling in the fields which are applicable. Include requests for what you think you need in order to test or build on the idea – like feedback from those in the sector.

Then you can also fill out a Role profile looking for Co-founders to find others who can complement your skills.

Best of luck with it; we all started with an idea.